Scientific Publications. The result, not the process.

Scientific Publications. The result, not the process.

Denis Kovalenko

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The Scientific Publications company has been actively developing the field of scientific and publication consulting since 2016. During this time, our organisation has become a leader in the market of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and CIS countries. Researchers from more than 45 countries, including Italy, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, choose to cooperate with us.

"The result, not the process" is the main motto of our company! In our activities, we rely on the principles of transparency, professionalism, and an individual approach to each client. This is what allows the Scientific Publications company to successfully implement its responsibilities and guarantee the result.

We are trusted by highly rated scientific organisations and higher educational institutions that are popular and reputable all over the world. The company has declared a partnership with more than 50 research institutions, as evidenced by signed memoranda and official documents.

Scientific Publications has been working for more than 6 years to develop the level of international research and science in general. We look forward to cooperating!

Denis Kovalenko

Director of the "Scientific Publications Albania"

Our partners and clients

The company's team of specialists

The specialists of Scientific Publications are focused on the innovative development of the research field and productive cooperation with each client of the company.

We focus both on expanding external partnerships and constant internal growth. Our specialists set high goals for themselves and do everything possible to achieve them, which contributes to the professional and personal development of the team, and increased level of quality of services provided and science in general.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • 1. Does the company provide official guarantees of cooperation?
    All clients of Scientific Publications are legally protected since a standard agreement between the parties is signed before the start of cooperation. It declares the most important points and obligations of both the company and the client. After providing the necessary services, if it is required for reporting, the company's specialists can provide documents describing the work performed and an invoice.
  • 2. Papers of which field do you work with?
    Our company focuses on a wide range of fields, disciplines, and research subjects. It is impossible to distinguish one or two priority areas. 80% of our projects are executed in the field of exact and natural sciences, medicine and derivatives thereof.
  • 3. What are the expected timeframes?
    Researchers who have decided to publish a paper in a journal indexed in an international database should, on average, expect timeframes of a few months to a year. Sometimes this process is faster. This should not be taken as a special service. For our company, every customer's request is a priority! The terms of the publication directly depend on the requirements and indicators of a scientific publication.

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